April 18, 2011

Cruising the Caribbean

Last month Nate and I went on a cruise with our neighbors Adam and Jill. We had such a fantastic time. We had perfect weather and our ports were amazing! Thanks for being such great travel buddies Chases!

Nate and I eating lunch at the Denver airport / Nate enjoying some Mcdonald's

Before we boarded the ship we go
t to spend the day in Puerto Rico. It was such a beautiful place, we would love to go back someday!

Port of Call: Puerto Rico
Eating lunch at Waikiki Cafe

Exploring Old San Juan

First port: St Thomas
Magens Bay / Dock at our port

Day at se
a Formal Dinner

Second port: Barbados

Third port: St Lucia
Standing in front of the Pitons

With our catamaran driver

Fourth port: St Kitts

bus driver/ Sail away

Fifth port: St Maarten
Stopped at Fort Louis during our island tour

Checking out Fort Louis / Orient Beach

Orient Beach / Playing cards

Back in Puerto Rico
Checking out the castle in Old San Juan

Awesome neighborhood streets / Infront of the fort in Old San Juan

Last day in Puerto Rico
Checking out the beach

El Yunque National Forest

Rain forest / Dinner on the beach

Dinner on the beach for our last night

We had so much fun and we definitely weren't ready to come home. Lets start planning another cruise everyone!


  1. Awesome pictures Nate and Ash. I love the blue hat :)

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast. Cute pictures.

  3. Oh ya... we have a blog! Nice work Ash!

  4. I am so jealous!! That looks so fun. Nice job on finally posting something!! haha.. dad and his love for your blue hat.

  5. I love these pictures! (wish they were bigger:) It looks like you had a blast and the carribean looks gorgeous! Next time I want to go with you guys!

  6. Thank you for fixing this so I can make the pictures bigger.
    Now I love it even more!

  7. hahaha i just noticed the bus drivers beard. awesome.

  8. Wow Ashley, these pictures are so well organized. Splendid blog post! Looks like it was a great time!

    (I bet someone would end up getting really frustrated if they weren't able to line those pictures up very well. Just a thought.)

  9. Thanks for sharing and taking the time! Good work Ashley!! Great fun. Hope you don't mind our enjoying the trip vicariously. :)

  10. Great pics - you two are so photogenic! Thanks for sharing.